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“Everything indie theatre should be.” Lloyd Bradford Syke - Curtain Call

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December 2014

Presented by Eye of the Storm

Tell Me Again

Dates 3-21 December

Times 8pm Wed - Sat, 7pm Sun


Doors open 1/2 hr prior to start time


Director: Michael Pigott

With: Jeanette Cronin and James Lugton


What if Memory and Dream fell in love, and left you stranded in a vortex of uncertainty, spiked with just enough clues to drag you deeper into corridors of familiar doors with no handles.


Where sleeping and waking are lucky guesses at best, and the world rests on the tip of your tongue, defying you to name it. Further you fall, like a tiny piece of puzzle in the wrong jigsaw, searching for the edge of recognition, until it turns its back completely, and the shape that is you collapses into space. An endless space that can't quite touch the universe.


You only exist in the memory of others.


Tell Me Again is a story from the netherworld where fact meets fiction and strangers know your name.


January 2015

Kinski and I: The Banned Writings of the World's Most Depraved Movie Star

Dates 28 January- 1 February 2015

Times 8pm


Doors open 1/2 hr prior to start time


After winning Best Theatre Award at the 2014 Sydney Fringe Festival CJ Johnson's Kinski and I returns to Old 505 for a limited season before heading to the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

“Like a bizarre satanic TED talk of grand filmic proportions.”

“Took me back to the 60s at art school when we could fuck everything and everyone.”

“In the heart of darkness for 80 minutes… compelling, baffling, funny and terrifying.”

“A person might think that I only lie around in bed and pass my time fucking. That’s not true… I can’t just fuck, I have to earn money, too.” ?- Klaus Kinski, All I Need Is Love

CJ Johnson always loved a movie star memoir, especially those that weren’t afraid of sordid details and squalid truths. But nothing prepared him for Klaus Kinski’s Uncut, in which Germany’s greatest actor - to CJ’s mind, perhaps the greatest ever - not only revealed but revelled in intense, often pornographic description of his lifelong sexual addiction.

Things got darker and weirder still when CJ tracked down a copy of All I Need Is Love, Kinski’s own English translation of his original manuscript, which contained vast cesspools of depravity far exceeding those of Uncut. Indeed, All I Need Is Love was withdrawn and pulped after a lawsuit by Natassia Kinski, Klaus’ daughter, and copies are extremely rare.

While All I Need Is Love is very funny in its extremity, it is also a shockingly candid first-person account of debilitating, relentless sexual addiction coupled with the fantastical, globe-trotting life of an international movie star through some of cinema’s most glamorous - and indulgent - decades. Kinski and I is part reading - the most heinously debauched passages from the most depraved memoir since the writings of the Marquis de Sade - and part tale of CJ’s own response to this completely unique and possibly insane actor, writer, and pervert par excellence.

February 2015

Queen Bette

Presented by G.bod Theatre and Mardi Gras Festival


Dates 25 February- 15 March 2015

Times Wed-Sat 8pm, Sun 7pm


Doors open 1/2 hr prior to start time


A one-woman show inspired by the 1962 autobiography "The Lonely Life" by Hollywood icon Bette Davis.

Retracing the remarkable steps of a true motion picture legend, from her early days as a fledgling stage actress via an unrivalled glittering Hollywood career that also saw her battling the Brothers warner in an unprecedented attempt to gain independence as an artist. Presented as part of Mardi Gras Festival 2015.


"The Queen has no hour for love. Time passes, and events crowd hop her. into her shell, an empty, glistening hulk, she must give up all that a woman holds dear."


With Jeanette Cronin as Queen Bette

Directed by Peter Mountford


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